Tamsin & Paul-48.jpg

TAMSIN & Paul's wedding day

Islington, London

Upon meeting Tamsin for the first time in a lovely little spot in Farringdon for a coffee to discuss their big day, I knew straight away that we would get on like a house on fire! It felt like I had known her for years! 

Islington Town Hall is such a special venue for Lase, as it is there we shot our very first wedding! Again, it did not dissapoint. I had my lovely second shooter and good friend Jess alongside me (Lauren was at a wedding as a guest this time in Cornwall!). Tamsin arrived in a classic London Black Cab (with me in tow knelt in the footwell next to the driver as it had no seat, anything to get those special shots of Tamsin and her wedding party!). The smiles were beaming as she arrived, it wasn’t hard to capture the happiness then, and throughout the day. Paul’s face as she walked down the aisle was magic, they giggled and looked at each other like they had just met and fell in love. 

The couple and their loved ones continued at The Peasant, situated at the heart of Clerkenwell. A classic London pub, aged in history with a Victorian horseshoe bar downstairs and its original mosaic floor. Lovely! The flowers on the tables were beautiful, and the table numbers had photos of two of them at the ages at which they sat! Such a great touch, I made my way round them all as I loved it so much. After their first dance, I left them to dance the night away feeling so lucky that we were a part of their day.