Natasha & wim’s wedding day

Edale, Peak District

Two words for this pair. Couple. Goals. Such beauty inside and out.

We were so excited to travel up north for their wedding which took place on Wim’s parents land, set in a lovely little village just outside of Sheffield. We arrived to the bride and groom getting ready, Wim had a whiskey with the boys to calm his nerves and Nat was surrounded by her closest friends, family and flower girls. Everyone was happy and excited and the feelings were infectious.

The ceremony was in a converted barn (that they had converted just days before), it looked incredible. It was stripped back, ambient and rustic.

The way that Nat and Wim look at one another gave us goosebumps. If soulmates have a definition these two would be it. Their friends and family are in awe of them, and the love they give out they definitely get back in return.

Everyone was crying during the speeches (including us, we couldn’t help shed a little tear!). The love in the room was electric, it was such a beautiful thing to be a part of.

A truly beautiful day for a truly beautiful pair.